1Q1 recently introduced their all day breakfast menu for every sunday called “Sunny Side Up” . People who love their Sundays laidback and breakfast huge, this extravagant menu has some of the choicest offerings , comfort bowls, signature dishes and asian fare to pick from.

From their signature dishes, Breakfast the 1Q1 way is easily the most ordered dish given the variety of options to choose from. We would totally recommend their Classic Eggs Benedict, which was one of the best dishes from the breakfast. Poached eggs done just perfectly.

Chocolate croissant, Danish and Brioche makes for some excellent options from their Baker’s Basket.

Their smoothies and breakfast cocktails are an absolute relish. We loved their Avocado, Nutella and Seasonal Fresh Fruit variants from their smoothies. Melon Patch and Day Breeze were most repeated among the cocktails.

We absolutely loved their Avocado Toast. Light and fresh avocado paired brilliantly with toast. Their quiche both chicken and mushroom with cheese, cream and egg were baked to perfection.

While their Loaded Pancakes with fruits , maple syrup and blueberry compote are an absolute delight, do give the Activated Charcoal pancake with maple syrup and melted butter a try. Light and fluffy, this new variant will surely please your taste buds. Their Fruity Waffle was a sunday treat, with humongous portions of fresh fruits, castor sugar and cream cheese icing.

From their comfort bowls, Vegetarian Congee took the cake. The japanese rice porridge paired with spring onions, japanese pickle drizzled with chilli oil and a spicy dip, it was an delectable affair. We would recommend you to try their Quinoa Breakfast Bowl, comes plated in a insta worthy bowl of colourful ingredients and is sure to leave you with a smile.

Their Asian fare boasts of well done Dashimaki Tamago, Okonomiyaki, Son-in-law eggs( a thai speciality. their sweet and sour sauce is yum), light and flavourful Asian Tacos, Vietnamese Chicken sandwich and Octopus Takoyaki.

One of our favourite places in Bangalore, this new menu totally lives up to the expectation. The perfect mix of cozy, tranquil vibe and a menu to come back for, this new menu is just the reason to treat yourself on a Sunday. Tell us which is your favourite item or rather your favourite section from their new menu.

Happy Eating!!
Waves ‘n’ Curves