1Q1 proudly presents a whole new Bill of Fare with the prime focus on Nikkei cuisine that is current and fresh and has the range of spices and flavours that ideally suit the Indian palette. The flavour combinations bring together the best of the elegant and delicate cuisine of Japan with the freshness and spicy punch of Peru. Inspired by the art deco architecture of the iconic Express Building, the interiors are a contemporary interpretation of a bygone era of vaulted arches with patterned artworks and original deco cabinetry. An elegant fine dining place, perfect for special occasions.

As one of the few restaurants in India that serve the cuisine, their exclusive Nikkei section includes Tortilla chips with Tuna salsa, Green Mango & Whitefish Tiradito, Tuna Sashimi Tostada and Grilled Chicken and Octopus with anticucho sauce among other delectable offerings. Non-vegetarian peeps are in for a treat with an additional range of delectable affairs. Crisp & succulent General Tsao’s Chicken and thai Birds-Eye Chilli Pork with lots of shallots & chinese garlic were fantastic. In addition to these we also loved Salmon Cream Cheese Rolls and of course Chicken Gyoza with the right crisp bottom and tender on top.

From vegetarian fare, Malay Penang Tofu tossed in peanut sauce and crispy broccoli and baby corn in Nam Prik Pao were quite interesting. Fresh Vegetable Tostada with wasabi lemon cream & cilantro with parmesan slivers are much recommended. Must tries also include Crystal Dumplings and Asparagus & Cream Cheese Roll with seaweed & sushi Rice. Rich flavours and fresh ingredients, I haven’t recommended so many vegetarian fares in one sitting for long.

The newly introduced cocktails focus on fresh ingredients indigenous to the terrain. Handpicked fresh fruits such as grapefruit, muskmelon, californian grapes, green mango, other Asian ingredients like hibiscus and galangal are used in their cocktails, to maintain the authentic Japanese touch. At 1Q1, the emphasis is also on garnishing and presentation, and one will find that all their cocktails have an aesthetically appealing look. Of course, traditional 1Q1 favourites like the Single Estate Coffees, Bento Box, the Friday “Boomboxx” and Saturday “Past Forward” are always there. We absolutely enjoyed hints of hibiscus in Saku Bliss and the mix of grapefruit and whisky in Twilight. Two of my favourites from the day.

As for the main course in addition to Nikkei, their new menu also showcases the extensive range of flavours encompassed under the blanket of Asian fare. They have introduced an entire Curry section with new dishes like Rendang Lamb Curry, and Sichuan Mapo Tofu to name a few. The slow cooked lamb and tofu in a spicy peppery gravy with Shiitake Mushrooms pairs brilliantly with jasmine rice. Another dish we totally recommend is Phad Kaprow Gai with Egg & Rice. I love one bowl meal and this one with minced Chicken stir-fried with Birds Eye Chilli & Garlic with Thai Sauces & Thai Basil served over Jasmine Rice & topped with a Fried Egg was excellent.

Top notch quality desserts at 1Q1 makes it one of the best places to satiate your dessert cravings. Japanese Cheesecake was absolutely terrific with raspberry Coulis & raspberry Sorbet. Coffee & Cream Parfait with Vanilla Ice Cream and Deconstructed Apple Pie were our other favourites from the day. A truly spectacular array of desserts!

Undoubtedly one of the best meals we have had recently and it’s such a beautiful place for any occasions. Every section of the seating is in perfect view of live performance area. Giving out vibes of vintage and elegance personified, we totally recommend you try this place for your next special occasion.

Happy Eating!!
Waves ‘n’ Curves