Aamlicious‘ by Rajdhani is probably the most sought-after festival of summer. With numerous mango dishes on their menu in addition to their already humongous laid out menu, they sure are taking over this season. And this time they are bigger and much better. Halfway through the starters I lost count the number of mango dishes we already had, and as told by the servers…they were just getting started!

Rajdhani is like a warm hug in your favorite cousin’s place. Their grandeur in their service is unmatchable. From the ‘Aarti‘ when you walk in to washing your hands right where you are seated, customer is king is echoed to the core. All the servers know the food by heart. They are great in letting you know the days specials, the must try items and as soon as any of the items even remotely starts finishing up, they serve you again. Always prodding you to try one more item even when you are full and trust me you would be full too soon. Their spread is massive.

Some of our favorites include Mango Ring Dhokla, Kairi Kanda Dhokla, Teekhi Kairi Makai ka Salad, Mango Corn Bhel, Kairi Panna and Kachhi Kairi Khichiya Chaat. And that’s just from the starters. Arbi Mango Rasawala, Kacche Aam ki Launji, Fajito Kadi and Kairi Methi Thelpa sure were winners. The Hapus Jalebi and Amarkhand were delicious. With oozing gooey mango inside the crisp Jalebi was the perfect end to the aamlicious foodgasm we had.

The Aamlicious food festival is running till May, so go get your mango fix this season! You wont be disappointed. .

Happy Eating!!
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