Chancery Pavilion, one of the oldest hospitality brands in Bengaluru brings Alchemy, a place that offers diners culinary choices that are set to transform the Indian cuisine horizon. From concoctions perfectly blended with a desi twist to eclectic food choices for the gourmand, Alchemy brings a wide array of new treats for diners under one roof. It tunes in Bangalore’s popular taste of old school rock and retro music to liven up spirits. Designed at the hotel’s 10th floor, the lively restaurant offers spectacular panoramic view and has this rustic vibe that puts you at ease almost instantly.

Keeping in mind its Indo-global appeal, each dish resonates the progressive culinary trends across the globe with a confluence of rich Indian authentic flavours. Artichoke Aloo Samosa that came with wasabi cream, Crispy Calamari, Bangalore Chilli Kebab served in tacos and tomato gojju and Pepper Roasted Pork served over quinoa uthappam would be our top picks. Another dish that was quite a hit among us was Chicken Sukkah Bulgogi.

Alchemy is now serving in-house brews. The regular line-up includes a crisp Pilsner, refreshing Witbier using local spices, an aromatic hoppy Pale and decadent Stout with notes of coffee and chocolate. We loved their Pilsner and Stout and was frequently repeated at the table. Their specialities showcase locally sourced ingredients, including fruit, spices and other seasonal produce. Jaggereye with hints of jaggery is a must try. Guava Gose being everyone’s favourite, was easily a winner.

Drinks at Alchemy are potent and creative. From their signature specials we would totally recommend The Gazal, Melon Blush and Tropical Twist. From mocktails, Espresso Excitement, Aam Masala and Soul Cooler were quite refreshing.

Bold international flavours, seasonal ingredients and innovative presentation are the main attractions at Alchemy and could easily be seen in their mains as well. Interestingly plated Twice Cooked Lamb was served on a bed of green pea sauce and chicken chicharron. Five Cheese Kofta with smoked makhni, Konkan Fish Fillet served on quinoa chitranna and lemongrass coconut curry were fascinating and delicious plate of goodness. We loved Grilled Prawns that served on grilled upma and with generously poured creole BBQ makhni it was absolutely fantastic!

The last course was definitely the highlight of lunch with each superlative dessert outdoing the other. Who knew that cliched looking Holige packed so much Nutella in it, with surrounding ghee soil this toasted hazelnut pancake was a big hit. Carrot Halwa Torte with date puree and churmal crumble and Mysore Pak Cheesecake are other desserts we totally suggest you give a try. Since we couldn’t pick one we have our top two picks, Gondhoraj Lemon Mousse and Green Mango Mille Feuille. While the former packed a punch with its theatrical display of flash frozen mousse served with lemon creme anglaise, the latter was a blast of interesting flavours. Black salt, chilli ice cream and aam panna all partying in your mouth.

All in all, Alchemy with its 10th floor spectacular view, innvoative food and great beers is a great place to unwind. It provides a cosy area for family members to dine with their loved ones, an open area for ones who love the Bangalore weather and private lounge area for the ones who love privacy. Something for everyone 🙂

Happy Eating!!
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