Such a refreshing take to the usual uptight decor Mainland China has it going. Asia Kitchen is more casual. Its contemporary, vibrant and so damn attractive. It’s got a mixed vibe of a restaurant theme and a cafe feel. And that’s such a bonus! The decor is a loud cheer of red and yellow and yet manages to have a calm and soothing element to it. The lighting is spot on. I especially love the seating. All different sections give a different vibe and the spacing is apt.

Asia kitchen in all entirety serves popular dishes of Mainland china in addition to Japanese, Korean and Burmese cuisine. Chicken basil dumpling that came first was on point. The almost glassy wrap and the huge meat filling gets a big thumbs up. Be it their Cream Cheese Sushi, Prawn Tempura Sushi or even their smoked Chilli Chicken Bao, the entrees were handsomely done and beautifully presented. Fresh elements, clear flavours and generous portions remains some of the constant elements in all dishes.

Some of the top recommended dishes are the Chili Teriyaki Mushroom, Minced Chicken in Lettuce cups, Barbequed Pepper Chicken, Pan Fried Asian chili Fish & Shanghai style baked Fish. Korean style gochujang grilled Lamb Chops were a little sweeter to my liking. The mushroom wins hands down. This could easily be my most favourite mushroom preparation of any kind. Minced chicken came in humongous portion, good for a larger group. The lettuce be fresh, light and makes for a nice munch. Loved both the fish variants but the Shanghai baked fish was easily a winner. Such delicately made with no intrusion of strong flavours and just a very subtle light and flavour some dish.

Asia Kitchen serves some fine tea and well-made mocktails. Lemongrass & Honey Tea Pot was brilliant. Ethereal, light, warm, mood lifting, I could go on and on. The tea served here transports you to your calmer haven. And the mocktails done are very refreshing. Bali’s Tropical Punch with hints of Butterscotch and Thai Exotica with a brilliant fusion of pomegranate and guava juice under House specials live up to their name.

From mains, Chicken Khao Suey easily tops the list. With an array of condiments and flavoursome curry this dish was warm and wholesome. Came on a bowl and looked brilliant. Ideal for sharing. Nasi Goreng with its robust flavours and comfort feel won us over. While at it do give the Satays and Crab Meat in pepper garlic sauce a try. The loud hint of pepper in the latter and the succulent meat of the former makes them a must try.

Dinner ended on a high note with dessert being made on the table. Oh, the drama of it and all! Frozen Nutella with Hot Nutella was sheer enjoyment to watch. And, yum as hell. We smacked clean the entire thing in no time.

In short, Asia kitchen is your go-to place if experimenting with different cuisines under one roof is what you seek. The place makes for a group hangout and even a date night. Ideal much? ❤

Happy Eating!!
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