Of the many places we chanced upon the past few weeks, Fab Cafe became an instant hit. With a vibe of tranquility, pastels art, minimalistic decor and ample lighting, Fab cafe scores big on its first look. It’s also quite peaceful amidst the bustling city noise surrounding it. This place serves healthier alternatives like unrefined gur instead of refined sugar, hearty alternative grains, ghee instead of oil without compromising on taste. Food is uncomplicated, healthy and fresh.

From their drinks, slow pressed juices and coolers are my favourite section. Ganna juice, glow hydration, green mango panna and badam thandai are our favourites. Cappuccino in their open space adorned with plants overlooking the metro rail is quite relaxing.

We absolutely loved their chicken tikka salad. Fresh greens, tikka masala with slight smokey touch was absolutely lip smacking. We would also recommend their mutton samosa, hariyali tikka and mutton galouti. Utterly sinful.

From their vegetarian light eats, Spinach Water Chestnut Momos and Papdi Chaat are such a delight that multiple helpings of both were had few many times. Doesn’t quite look it, but the quantity served is sufficient.

For mains, we kept things minimal. We opted for Punjabi saag, egg akuri paired with singhara flour chapati. Consistency of saag was rich and creamy. Loved that they didn’t make you feel too heavy.

Fab cafe’s berry ice cream is city’s finest. And because the ice creams are vegan you can indulge without any guilt. We also tried their coconut caramel ice cream and mango cashew cheesecake tart and absolutely loved it.

Fab cafe is one of those places you opt for when you want to have a day off with yourself. Their limited yet well curated menu, ambience so serene and delightful fresh drinks are just the things needed to make your day a delighted one. If you have a favourite meal here, do let us know in the comments. We would love to give it a try.