Foxtrot: House of Subculture opened its doors to public on June 6th. A beautiful frat house with its captivating flamboyance. So diverse that it’s difficult to describe this place with one word. A place of vivacious energy, whacky, peaceful…a place for everyone. The airy cobbled stone garden in the ground floor is moody, romantic and hosts various live events. Walk up to the first floor and an array of quirky wall posters catch your attention. If you love cosy corners, the mushy bed under the staircase is your spot.

The first floor is like walking into a dream land, every room decor outplaying the other. From the mini bar to a kitchen setup, you have it all. What you also have is a kinky and tantalising Red Room that will definitely grab your attention. Just adjoining that, stunning royal chairs with chandelier welcomes you. The same floor also houses a very comforting drawing room with dining table and cushion sofas, a place to unwind.

It’s interesting to see exemplary vegetarian starters than the usual fare one would expect. The delightful stuffing of Batter Fried Jodhpuri Jalapeños, interesting mix of chat masala in Beetroot Galouti, Goat Cheese Tacos and almond crunch to Tandoori Malai Broccoli, makes them must tries. Thank you Foxtrot for not overdoing the Bombay Pav Bhaji, every bite of it was reminiscence of the authentic street food fare of the north.

A heaven for non-vegetarian’s delight, Foxtrot spoils you like no other. Injipuli Chicken Lollipops in a bed of cucumber pachdi, Curry Leaf Prawns with hints of coconut, Mustard Basil Fish Tikka served with lime and dill aioli are some of the top recommended and group favourite. The dorky looking Tellicherry Mutton Boti from the platter was fantastic. My favourite.

The handsome preparation of Herb Roasted Chicken, the comfort bowl of Wild Mushrooms with hot sauce, the creamy consistency of Sea Food Risotto, and the beautiful Cheese Fondue won our heart. A perfect main course. One excellent dish after another, we belted our heart out.

Foxtrot remains one my favourite place for excellent cocktails. Drinks like Tornado, Levitate, Foxtrot Mojito and What a Match(a) is what makes it stand apart. Servers are well informed, so name your preferences and wait for a stunning drink to present itself.

If you check their menu now, you won’t find a dessert section. That’s coz they are still in the process of finalizing a menu that would cater to the variety crowd in this part of the town. But I hope they add the two desserts we tried. Cardamom and Coconut Yogurt and Blueberry Cheesecake. They were fantastic.

Foxtrot scores big on its global bites, stargazing garden and enchanting exuberance. A place of electrifying energy and yet so laid back vibe all at the same time. A place you can take down your shoes and call it home for couple of hours. A happy place indeed.

Happy Eating!!
Waves ‘n’ Curves