The newest entrant to bangalore food scene aims to bring greek cuisine to the forefront. With beautiful hues of gold and royal blue, House of Troy is sophisticated personified. Its elegant with a hint of contemporary and an impressive bar. It has both casual outdoor and plush indoor seating.

The food menu is limited yet covers quite many must have items. From their vegetarian appetizers, Spanakopita – a simple amalgamation of spinach and feta cheese made into phyllo triangles was the first dish we tried and simply loved it. Melitzanes papoutsakia , stuffed eggplant with garlic dip was one of the most impressive plate that we fared. While you are out there trying more vegetarian fare, we would totally recommend you try Tomatokefthedes. With herbs and feta cream these crispy bites were darn good. Greek style onion rings and sundried tomato and olive bruschetta are other dishes you can try.

While we personally loved their vegetarian fare more, their non vegetarian counterparts weren’t much behind. Chicken seekh and prawn saganaki were so good that multiple helpings of both were had. While the former was rightfully succulent with herbs and spices finished off on charcoal grill, the latter had lots of tomato and feta with handsome prawns.

I was told by a good friend that drinks with ouzo are must tries. He was right and here are some signature cocktails we would totally recommend. Ouzo cherry twister, Ouzo sour, Chilli chocolate martini, Ouzo rosso and Strawberry Basil lemonade.

From their mains, Tiger prawns with couscous and vegetables in tomato sauce was splendid. We would also recommend you try Greek stuffed chicken with creamy paprika sauce. The sauce could have been more, the stuffing was great, meat soft with ample veggies. Grilled salmon with spinach in beautiful creamy herb feta sauce was a crowd favourite. One of the better salmon dishes in the city, the fish was cooked to perfection.

While we were completely stuffed by then, we simply had to try both their desserts. Loukoumades were ball of happiness. I loved that they weren’t overtly sweet. It had strawberry filling and the crunch from deep fried pastry topped with greek honey was delicious. Saving the best for last, baklava with ice cream were hands down perfection. Just the right crisp and paired brilliantly with pistachio ice cream.

House of Troy is definitely one of the noteworthy newcomers to the city. The decor is stunning and caters to all age groups. The menu is well curated. We would love for you guys to check them out. Also, tell us your personal favourite in the comment section.