Our life and exploring habits have taken a 360-degree turn in the last one year. With the new normal, its imperative for us to make conscious judgements in the kind of places we dine in, places that take safety and hygiene as the utmost priority. Koramingle a beautiful sprawling property right in the Sony world junction in Koramangala is the newbie that has got everyone talking about it. And rightfully so.

The restobar is a Pandora box to begin with. With a green room filled with stacks of novels, to lounge room, balcony view to secret lounge spaces, Koramingle has much to offer. So much that you may need to come multiple times to explore its vast menu and its equally spacious property. Its spacious interior also ensures that you can always find a corner that’s not very crowded. To add to that, every section of this space is Instagrammable.

The food menu is extensive. From their vegetarian appetizers, we would love you to try their Filled baked bread. The overload creamy cheese with chillis and herbs on filled baked bread. Chatarmari crêpes, a popular Kathmandu snack and bite sized mushroom chettinad stuffed filo pastry, easily a crowd favourite. Each dish was a perfect creation, and we are totally revisiting the place just for these.

Their non-vegetarian fare were equally good. Lamb stuffed mirchi vada was a delight. Caribbean jerk chicken kebab was rightly succulent. Bacon wrapped prawn pakodas wasn’t over done, fresh prawn and generous strip of bacon wrap, and excellent dish. We also recommend sekuwa, lamb chunks marinated in stone flower and spices overnight and then charcoal grilled.

Koramingle features street drinks across the world in its menu, and houses some brilliant must have cocktails. We loved tanka torani and khajuri mishri & lembu sherbet- both street drinks from Orissa. Another brilliant drink from South East Asia called 3 heights was a table favourite. Multiple repeats of this particular drink have been had that day.

We didn’t indulge in mains much. Although we loved the Drunken noodles that came along with skewers and fried bok choy. From burgers, we liked their Bun samosa.

Koramingle manages to keep interesting desserts in their limited dessert section. Bombilini is a must-try dessert. The light strawberry cream inside doughnut balls were one of the highlight of the day. Doberge cake looked quite Instagrammable although it could do better.

With the right setting, vibe and making a lot of different themes out of a single property, Koramingle manages to grab the attention of all age groups with varied interests. Its varied menu, interesting cocktails and warm service also manages to pull back guests repeatedly. We loved what we saw and ate. If you plan to visit a new place, Koramingle is just it.