With the ‘Bowl Manifesto‘, Mamagoto has brought comfort food to the forefront. Last week we tried some of the bowls and they sure bowled us over. Be it the beautifully prepared Aromatic Rice that came in two variants with Tofu and with Fish or the handsome preparation of mushroom in Medium Hot Mushrooms. The main constituents of the bowls are rice and noodle, comes with huge variations in their sauce & gravies of tofu, pork, chicken and mushroom. The quantities are humungous enough for two hungry souls to devour it in. And, apart from our above favourites don’t forget to try their Tofu Two Way which came in yum pepper sauce with udon noodles & veggies. You will love it. Same goes for 8 Treasure Bowl. I liked the Chicken Treasure Bowl more than the Lamb. In Da(Canton) House, Chicken/Pork is slow cooked with chives in peppery wine flavours served with Cantonese style vegetables and udon noodles. Needless to say we all loved it, a group favourite. Wholesome dishes, sheer joy, much wow ❤

While we were out sampling their bowls we also tried couple of other items & Mamagoto sure hits the notes just right. From the humble Corn Fritters to their classic Dumplings, a lot of items were repeated orders as they were so yum. Their platters are delish. And their drinks are something to come back to. Definitely recommend you to try their cocktails.

Mamagoto serves interesting drinks. Both their mocktails and vast array of cocktails serves a nice punch. We tasted some ten drinks that were served on the table and all of them were refreshing. My whisky based cocktail topped all of them.

Be sure to try their desserts and you wouldn’t be disappointed one bit. We tried them all and can say they were quite toothsome. My top favourite has to be their home made American Style Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffe Sauce served warm with Vanilla ice cream. Exquisite toffee sauce, perfectly warm, brilliant sponginess in the cake and such a heartwarming dish. Another hit dessert was Coconut Panko Banana with Caramel Sauce & ice cream. The homemade Coconut and Palm Sugar ice cream is sheer joy, the way flavours hit my mouth its like love waiting to be found. Don’t forget to try their Banofee Pie and Choco Walnut Fudge that comes in a jar with a ice cream on top, Very goey, high on chocolate and oodles of love.

The look and feel of the place is killer. Its groovy, energetic and the wall posters are eye catching. The seatings are super comfortable. The vibe is contagious and you will probably spend more time here than you anticipated. In short the place grows on you.

While the Bowl Manifesto goes on till May, I am sure you will need multiple visits to devour everything they have to offer.  Make sure to check them out. Also, tell us your personal favourite in comment section.

Happy Eating!!
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