Mimansa is an urban wellbeing space that provides a unique combination of food, play and balance to a community of like-minded individuals that believe in sustainability and conscious living. The space consists of an indoor café, a lifestyle retail boutique and a rooftop garden with a movement studio. Mimansa’s café gives you the feeling of being in a warm, soothing space- adorned with earthen tones, handpicked greens and the feeling of being completely relaxed. We chose the terrace. The adjacent huge tree formed a beautiful canopy shielding us from the harsh rising sun, and hence what was supposed to be just breakfast eventually extended to lunch as well.

The menu offers gluten free and dairy free alternatives, and they are happy to cater to any additional dietary preferences one might have. The eggs used are free range, breads being gluten free and wholewheat and condiments and preserves are made in-house. We totally recommend spicy savoury Masala Millet Upma, Red Rice Poha that came with buckwheat cracker and that perfectly shaped Ragi Idli with delectable podi and sambhar. Another dish that caught our attention was the pristine looking Granola Bowl. Adorned with puffed Amarnath and Cranberry Fig Granola, Coconut Chia pudding and almond milk, it was very balming.

You should totally try all egg dishes Mimansa has to offer because they are brilliant. We tried Veggie Hash, Frittata and Eggs Your Way and loved how delicious the eggs were cooked. The House salad, Mushroom Hash and whole wheat breads that were served along were quite toothsome too.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, mixing milk and fruits is not advised, so all the smoothies are made using almond milk or coconut milk. One cannot help but notice the eye catching names of tonic shots like Immunity Booster and Metabolic Kickstarter , raw pressed juices like Digestion Aid and smoothies like the Perfect Pick-Me-Up and Tummy Tamer. We tried them all and loved it. My favourites were the Perfect Pick-Me-Up , tender Coconut Water, Fresh Orange juice and tea made with almond milk.

Humble and wholesome menu at Mimansa makes healthy eating delicious. The meat used is free range. Their signature dish Earth Bowl is love at first sight, flavorful and comforting. We also loved the handsome looking Rosemary Chicken and Red Snapper that came with sautéed cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel and organic caper berries.

For the vegetarian peeps, Open Faced Sandwich served with baked sweet potato fries and Zucchini Noodles with arabiata sauce are must tries.

Desserts are made using natural jaggery, coconut/palm sugar and honey with almond, chia, buckwheat or whole wheat flour. All chocolate is sourced from Mason and Co. We ended our meal with both the carrot desserts. Organic Carrot Cake was mild on its sweet level and came with whipped coconut cream which was absolutely delish. Carrot Halwa with ginger-jaggery sauce and oatmeal crumble was rich and scrumptious. Definitely try their Buckwheat Waffles. Comes with coconut whipped cream and Mimansa apple and cinnamon jam. Tastes amazing!

With a team of expert chefs and Ayurvedic specialists, Mimansa introduces ancient Ayurvedic principles of cooking with use of locally sourced chemical free, seasonal produce. The team strongly believes in working with local community and is proud to source all ingredients from local farmers.
The garden terrace and playroom offer sensory experiences, both physical and intellectual, that are available as one-off and member only services. One can expect offerings that range from guided yoga sessions and deep stretching session to grounding activities for kids (such as rooftop farming) on regular basis under the guidance of expert consultants. A unique wellbeing programme here also offers access to wellness consultants to achieve a balance by way of alternative methods of healing such as Naturopahty, Ayurveda, Traditional Tibetan Medicine and reflexology.

Happy Eating!!
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