Oh! Calcutta is synonym with quintessential Bengali fare. Their reputation precedes them, and I think they do full justification to everything they serve. The place is comforting with Rabindra sangeet playing in the backdrop and has a peaceful vibe to it. With the wood burning fireplace theme going, it gives quite a homely and a relaxed feel.

Scrumptious dishes, comfort screaming all throughout and the freaking aroma engulfing you are some of the signature feel of everything they serve. We started off with Aam porar shorbat and it was terrific. Watermelon and basil crush and Gondhoraj shorbot was equally at par. While the former had perfect freshness and punch the latter was immensely ethereal. Who would have thought gondhoraj with lassi will make for such killer drink? Yum Yum. Aam porar shorbat went on repeat orders, twice.

Quickly moving on to food, Mursidabadi Murgi fry takes the cake from all the starters we had. Handsome presentation, brilliantly cooked and devoured almost instantly it landed on the table. The other surprisingly and pleasingly tasty dish was Kakra Chingri Bhapa which is a delectable amalgamation of crab meat and prawn. It filled the table with its aroma the minute we unwrapped them and was quite toothsome. Calcutta Fish Fry won us over with dainty fish fillet and crunchy and light crumbs. The fish was in fact marinated with hints of lime, ginger juice and green chillies making it quite a munch. Paired brilliantly with mint tamarind chutney and mustard kashundi.

Amongst the vast selection of their main course, ours is always the usual scenes. The fluffy perfectly round Luchis with the plump Begun Bhaja and the magnificent Kosha Mangsho dancing in our taste buds having a party in the mouth. The Kosha Mangsho is definitely the highlight of the dinner. Meat falling off the bone, the smell of exquisite mutton and the kosha to die for. This was a perfect 10/10.

The next set to make way was Daab Chingri, Hilsa in mustard gravy paired perfectly with steamed rice. Honestly there’s nothing more comforting than this. Daab Chingri surprisingly had quite many hugely sized prawns .The cushiony soft meat cooked just right in rich cream of tender coconut was outstanding. And what’s more comforting than choicest Hilsa in the flavoursome curry with loud hint of mustard. That’s home right there ❤. Needless to say, we overate like nobody’s watching.

After this insane, soul stirring and magnificent dinner, we kept desserts light with only classics like Bhapa Sondesh and Nolen Gurer Ice Cream. And both were mouth-watering. Bhapa sondesh is fresh cottage cheese sweetened with date palm jaggery and you must try this Bengali speciality. Jaggery in desserts is such a yum addition that it paired with anything just elevates it to whole new level. No wonder we gorged hungrily on the ice cream as well. Yummy? Veryyyyyy.

Oh! Calcutta apart from their choicest items on the regular menu is running mango inspired dishes this summer month and you will love their addition in fish, chicken prawns and vegetarian dishes too. Looks quite a steal!
Head there to get your Bengali food fix, thank me later ❤

Happy Eating!!
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