New kid on the block and this one takes healthy eating a notch higher. The decor is clean , minimalistic yet tastefully done .Earthy browns and greens with quirky captions adorn the wall. With crafted wooden barrels placed all around and acoustic music playing, the mood sets in just right.

For people who watch their diets, the menu has detailed calories listed down with protein, carbs and fats content. In vegetarian, we loved tofu skewer and wholesome nachos with abundance of guacamole and salsa. In non vegetarian we would totally recommend herb butter prawns with agua negra marinade, well done chilly fish in oyster sauce and their cilantro grilled chicken.

Drinks at Protein Grillhouse are stellar. They don’t contain sugar, and yet the taste is refreshing and top notch. From green smoothies, super boosters, fresh fruit smoothies to low fat ones, they have it all. Wholesome and very tasty. They also have a good collection of tea (both hot and iced) which includes some great flower tea options and I couldn’t be happier. Personally all their drinks are recommendable. Berried up, Lean body shake and Strawberry Ginger Refresh are must tries. And their flower teas of course.

From the mains, mexican pema pesto pasta and chicken in herb sauce are the most loved dishes at the table. Lots of evoo and pesto with fresh pasta formed a stellar amalgamation. Easily one of the top rated pasta in the city. While the latter came in humungous portion with lots of butter and garlic, one of my favourite. Grilled Chicken burrito bowl is another comfort goodness food in a bowl, quite wholesome. We would also recommend tofu stir fry with noodles, the sauce being delicious , thai green curry and veg veracruzana bathed in sherry cream sauce.

Since the restaurant is still exploring healthy options in desserts, this section in the menu is quite limited. So we got ourselves some pancakes with banana, walnut and generous amounts of protein chocolate sauce. It was delicious. We also tried what is called doughnut cakes which is yet to go up in their regular menu and I hope they do add it. It’s so inviting and flavourful.

In all honesty, I am completely bowled with their food. Add to that, they take their protein quotient quite seriously so the ingredients are fresh and high on protein without compromising its taste and nutrition. Price being reasonable and portions generous, this place is worth coming back to again and again.

Happy Eating!!
Waves ‘n’ Curves