With just a few days into the launch of this swanky new place, Punjab Bistro is creating ripples as the leading North Indian food destination right in the heart of the city. It already has couple of their signature dishes trending and you can see almost every table having these as the constants. It’s a place of sophistication, of remarkable customer service and showcases a delicate balance between traditional and contemporary.

Punjab Bistro serves interesting cocktails. Some of my top picks were Whisky Marmalade Crush, Frozen Daiquiri, Bistro Lantern, Whisky Sour andCoffee Tini. All the drinks looked very refined and elegant and served a nice punch.

In starters, one of the dishes that really stood out was the excellent preparation of Mutton Seekh Kebab. Lahori Chargha with the whole tandoori chicken marinated with hung curd and punjabi masala, steamed and grilled in tandoor was a terrific burst of flavours. Served with mango pickle and creamy butter sauce this makes for a splendid dish. The other dishes that left a mark were Mutton Galouti and Tandoori Jhingha. The rich amalgamation of minced mutton and cashew paste infused brilliantly with clove of the former was sheer love. And the jumbo prawns were a sight to behold. In vegetarian fare, I will highly recommend Dahi ke Kebab. A beautiful blend of hung curd and ricotta cheese with hints of cardamom served with berry sauce, we couldn’t stop ourselves from devouring it the minute it came on the table.

Main course was a perfect score with every dish outplaying the other. There are very few things that can be as comforting and humble as Sarson da Saag, Makke di Roti served with homemade white butter and jaggery and even fewer places in the city that does justice to that. Punjab Bistro seems to have aced it with élan. Every bite of it was soul stirring. Dishes like these comforts you like no other. And with Butter Chicken they sealed the deal for me, what a stunner!. And if I thought that was the most impressive they were gonna get, I was in for a surprise. Because Moradabadi Dal and Laal Maas set the bar even higher. The mutton with mathnia chilly and kachri powder with meat that was falling off the bone was a wonderful dish. The dal with hints of tamarind, coriander, garnished with onion and tomato was quite toothsome.

You cannot leave without trying their much demanded and innovative dessert, Bistro Special Mille Feuille. With different layers of cream, strawberries, halved rasgullas balanced between crispy tuile this was sophistication and elegance in one. A beautiful instagrammable dessert and tastes even better. We ended our dinner with Litchi Pannacota which came with mango puree decorated with pistachios. The consistency of the litchi was perfect. It had a silky-smooth texture with a gentle wobble and tasted sublime.

Punjab Bistro lives up to all the hype it’s been making. If classic Punjabi fare and contemporary take on modern cuisine is what you seek, this is where you head to.

Happy Eating!!
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