Soto’s newest outlet is quirkiness redefined. Donning a drunken writer’s imagination theme, walking into Soto feels just that. The decor is rustic, with good comfortable seating, moody lighting and surrounded with lots of plants giving out a cozy garden feel. The bar is located equidistant to all sections.

One of the few places that contains alcohol in their food(food marked #soto), Sotally Tober sure does brings a new high. Soto Chicken Lollipop with hints of gin and creamy mustard sauce,  Soto Pork Belly with generous amounts of honey and rum, Soto Tandoori Jhinga and Soto Chicken Tandoori were easily the most loved items. Gobbled up the minute it arrived.

From vegetarian fare we would totally recommend Soto Mushroom on toast. Sauteed in white wine with shallots and garlic and served on crunchy buttered toast, it was heavenly. We also loved corn fritters and Uppinakai Paneer Tikka. Mango pickle stuffed paneer was sure a surprise and so damn good!

Drinks at Soto comes with a lot of drama, potent and looks very appealing. Our top pick from the lot would be Coco Velvet, Organic Caipiroska, Salted Pink Lady, Spice Poof and Summer is Coming.

Soto does their steaks really nice. Grilled Paneer Steak well marinated with chimichurri sauce served with spanish rice, sauteed broccoli and parmesan cream was such a delectable affair. So was the Grilled Chicken Steak with that excellent barbecue sauce and crispy onion.

Main course like Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken and Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla came with tandoori roti and sides like crispy bindi and papad. Palak paneer was such a flavoursome and homely dish, totally reckon you to try it. Butter chicken came tad sweet but generous portions of succulent meat. Quesadilla came with spanish rice, salsa and sour cream and while being so inviting and delicious, needed three hungry fellas to devour all of it.

SoTo Carrot Halwa easily makes to the list of must try desserts in the city, it’s that good. A mix of hot fudgy halwa generously loaded with raisins & cashew and vanilla ice cream and whiskeyed rabdi, it can’t get better than this. Must try this one. While at it , do give Soto Chocolate Mousse a shot. Rum infused dark chocolate mousse paired brilliantly with dehydrated orange, this was fantastic.

Buzzing with customers from all age group, Soto is definitely a place to come back to. I am sure you will need multiple visits to devour everything they have to offer. Don’t forget to check them out. Also, tell us your personal favourite in comment section.

Happy Eating!!
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