Three Dots and a Dash is all about transporting you to an exotic tropical setting. The Bamboo at the entrance, the natural wood used for the interiors, the roof top bar attached to the pub all adds up to a cozy touch to the tropical Hawaiian feel of the pub. It’s a first of its kind Tiki Bar which invokes the romanticised tropical culture of Polynesia.

We started off with Panzanella Tuscan Salad and absolutely loved it especially for the red wine and basil leaves in it. Roasted Thyme Corn Chowder was a beautiful aromatic bowl of goodness, we totally recommend. From vegetarian fare, we loved Moroccan lentil galletas mint with Cilantro sauce and Spring Veggies Fritto Misto. The former had a lot of flavour profile with freshly toasted ground cumin and coriander and the latter was a combination of delicious veggies in a bowl. For the non-vegetarian peeps, go for Hawaiian Fish cutlet that melts in your mouth and tender Chicken Satay.

Tiki Mugs are a signature to this place, adding a lot of style and character which is quite interesting. Eye catching, whacky and oh-so-unique mugs comes adorned with tropical flowers and so much drama. Some of our top recommendations would be Three Dots and a Dash (obviously ;)), Pineapple paradise, Caribbean cooler and Forbidden Island.

In Main Course, in the lighter options, soft wrapped tortillas for vegetarian and Barbeque Chicken Sandwich for non-vegetarian are great options. Barbeque Cottage Cheese skewer is a must try. Served with saffron rice, glazed pineapple and carrots, this dish is wholesome and delicious. In Non-vegetarian we absolutely loved Grilled Chicken Marsala that is a hearty meal of chunks of chicken breast served with a rich mushroom sauce along with flavoured rice.

We kept dessert choices simple and minimal. Chocolate Vanilla Mousse was soft, creamy, absolutely splendid! While I am not a big fan of peanut butter, Peanut Butter Stuffed French Pudding with Ice cream was surprisingly quite toothsome.

Tropical vibes, superlative service and spoilt for choices of hookah, this place sure is a great find. With some lip-smacking grub to munch on, and cozy seating options, we are sure you will love this place.

Happy Eating!!
Waves ‘n’ Curves