Varkala at its first glance was all mush. There are ridiculous numbers of coconut trees everywhere, and as soon as you enter the sight of sea and sand welcomes you. Suddenly it wasn’t sunny anymore even though the sun was overhead.


It’s fuzzy and there’s romance in the air. Like your first taste of dreams. The mood was different and after a 3-hour ride, our stay was just the right icing to this beaut city. Right on Odayam beach, Miracle by the beach is a cozy stay. The stay itself is such a mood lifter. Over the years I have learned to pick a comforting stay during travel. Not over the top expensive, but a cozy vibe with a good view. Add to that, we had two bikes waiting for us already.

One of the must-do in Varkala is renting a bike/bicycle and roaming around this town. It’s a quiet laidback town with good roads, less tourist around the time we went, good cafes, stunning beaches and cliffs and the fact that it’s such a small town with an overloaded number of good spots makes it a kicker.

My favourite time was driving around the town with Sayo as pillion. We got lost many times, and it didn’t even matter. Just two school friends from kindergarten driving in a new city after all these years post-sunset on dark quiet alleys, I cannot describe how balmy that was. Eventually, we made it to the north cliff. The one place everyone told me to go.

In google maps, type for helipad on north cliff, and not any cafe from there. North cliff is a banger. It’s the hub everyone’s at. Just streaks of cafes and shops on a busy cliff overlooking the sea.

I think a little after sunset is when this place really shines, otherwise, it’s either too sunny or the sea view is completely dark. But the night tides gushing while you have terrific food over here is still pretty killer.

In all honesty, you cannot spend any less than 5 days at least in this town and soak it all in. Varkala isn’t a place you hop onto cliffs and beaches and call it done. The vibe is engulfing. Every sunset here is precious, every bike ride in small quiet lanes brings you glee and the coconut trees drowned roads are a charmer.

The overzealous foodie that we are, we ordered a bunch of stuff back at our resort while eating a bunch of stuff at Cafe Italiano at North cliff.  Basically, we ended up eating too much, drinking too much while fighting over UNO like always. But under a starry night on a beach! It could not get better than that.

I love slow mornings on a trip. There was a time I could not even fathom that. Trips were meant to fit in as many sightseeing as possible. Call it age, but now sitting down with friends for a leisurely breakfast, giving each other enough time to quiet solitude before all the madness begins is my favourite part. It’s also when it hits you of all the wonderful moments that have squeezed in so little time, and there’s still so much to look forward to.


Nobody prepared us for South Cliff. I am saying this ‘coz by now we have been exposed to some real extravagant nature show. From the vast backwaters to quiet surreal night beaches, majestic cliffs and pink sunsets. But still, the charm of south cliff was extraordinary. Cliff Stories was extraordinary.

 If there’s one place, just one place in the whole of Varkala you can be at, this is where you go. Because suddenly the view is almost like you are in the Maldives. The shades of pastel blue and white, the serene and calmness, the Zen vibe, the private stairwell to below beach. I cannot describe you. We spent the whole of morning and afternoon here and it still wasn’t enough. We were in collective awe right till the last moment. And god knows how many times we chipped in ten minutes more, every time we thought we had to leave.

The fact that this cafe itself is so peaceful, even with people here is such a mood lifter. Nobody at this property is in any hurry for you to order. You could be just hanging here all day.


Our return flight was from Trivandrum and this time we didn’t depend on Uber. Helipad on north cliff, just when you enter the lanes of cafes, you can easily find cabs to take you to the airport. 36km will charge you around 1400 bucks(they charge to and fro). We came across some pretty busy beaches, crossed a zillion beautiful churches on our way back. And finally what seemed like days of dreamland, because it was, came to an end. My beautiful dreamy Nemesis.


I hope you find this experience, useful in making your trip plan to Kerala. I added all the useful tips that I remembered, including places to stay, costing and inter-city travel coz that if left unattended to the last minute, will not only cost more money but more time as well. But most importantly, I did want to highlight that anxiety during travel post-pandemic is pretty much real, no matter how chill you are. It helps gravely if the place you go is not very crowded like the weather is still ripe but the tourist season is just ending so you are blessed with everything. And take my word, never miss out on Allepey and Varkala. They are just too ripe if you know what I mean.