Day 2 started quite early, as early as 7 am. Given others slept no sooner than four, quite surprised how everyone, except Kas, woke up so soon. Couple of us went for a walk, to the tea gardens, amidst leeches and wet paths. Valparai is peaceful, quiet and fresh in the morning. Like it was too waking up. Ram , Shekhar and the rest joined us soon after. After our  morning walk, Ram of all people repeatedly advised everyone to check for leeches in our legs or shoes since we went mostly to those wet in between areas. So after scaring us again and again and we looking for remote areas making yoga poses, guess who had the leech 😜 Mister Shreeram himself 😁.

Our stay lady was an awesome host. She made us a brilliant homely dinner and breakfast anytime we wanted. There was coffee and tea whenever we came back. We could go to her room and ask for anything, she negated the prices of food we had returned and there was absolutely no fuss involved in our stay.

Sholayar Dam

Of all the places we visited so far, Sholayar dam had quite a crowd. It was weird at first, because up until now wherever we went, it had just us or may be a fellow or two more. This place is more suited for sunset time with beer in your hand.

After this we were exiting Valparai. If something came on the way, we could spare an hour or two but in terms of direction, we were heading back to Bangalore. We needed to restock for the journey so we made a quick pit stop at a shack in the middle of nowhere. But as soon as we got down, the view was incomparable. It had steps to an uphill abandoned place. As such we were on an elevated level, so this walk uphill to a secluded point made for a beautiful view. You would think eventually it’s the same view more or less, but you have to be there to know. 

The hair pin bends came again while leaving. This time though, we had our breakfast minutes back and Ram, Arka and kas felt pukish. We were already into the fourth bend, so the driver couldn’t stop for

  •  it would block the road, it’s so narrow that most of the time it is just enough for one vehicle at a time and 
  • since most of it was turns and twists so you can easily expect a vehicle to rummage into u if u happen to stop. and he couldn’t slow down either. 

The boys were in a soup. So soon that our driver had to find some corner he could brake for a while. 

Initially, the plan was to visit monkey fall and then take the boat ride in Aliyar by the sunset. But both those places close up near sunset. We made a choice to chuck the crowded monkey fall and head directly to Aliyar dam.

Aliyar Dam

When we reached, the girls couldn’t hold their bladder no more and rushed to find the park washroom. Which was a grave mistake they soon realised. It was dark, dingy, and this excruciating smell which can choke you. Avoid at all costs, you may come across horrific sights which will be etched in your memory forever. 

The boat ride at Aliyar dam is a must to do. It’s roughly 15 min give or take , the lake was so massive yet the time the ride took was so meager we totally didn’t enjoy it. Little pictures here, adjusting ourselves took most part of our ride and it felt it was wrapped up in no time. So when the final boat ride , the final thing of the trip was done, I didn’t want to leave . We sat on the rocky boulder next to the reservoir with mountains surrounding three quarters of it for a very long time. In the quiet, just enjoying the view. Just outside, fresh fish is caught, fried and served hot. Then we made our way to the highway.

We ate at Anand bhawan around 11, they took our orders and came back saying most of them were not available and since they were taking last orders for the night , we got us two to three plates of each available ones. The driver informed him he will drop us Bangalore by 3.Most of us didn’t want to be reaching back at that hour, so to avoid that from happening, we played uno. First , in the corridor for like an hour and when they asked us to leave , we moved to a further table which had a tiny bulb somewhere higher and just enough to see our cards. After an hour again, the manager informed us he couldn’t switch off the lights if we weren’t leaving coz the cameras were on, and he wanted to go home. We finally left. And still the driver dropped us by 4.

And that  brings us to the end of the trip, the super awesome weekend . The first of a tiny group ,tiny vehicle and a place nobody knows and yet this remains one of my most favourite trips. It was a breath of fresh air. And Suman was right all along, unknown touristy places are such a boon. And  Ram did like my group, he wasn’t just my +1. He made friends, he had fun, he got comfortable with many and i am so glad this worked out well 🙂 so yaassss 😁😁😁