Spread across two floors of very different and dynamic settings, Wall Street 657 is a great place to unwind. While the base floor has this dark theme going with checkers dance floor and beer tap in each table and groovy music that sets your foot tapping, the top floor is more relaxed. It’s a terrace lounge with an open bar with comfortable seats and winds flowing, perfect for catching up with friends. They also have a huge screen to show matches and evenings gets real happening up here. One cannot miss the quirky wall art on both the floors, especially in the stairs as you make your way up.

Delectable starters, candid drinks, generous portions and cozy vibe, it’s a great place for catching up with friends. Some of the much-recommended starters are Peri Peri French Fries that are spot on, Chicken Wings that came in generous portions and very succulent meat done right in spicy Honey chilli with ranch dip was like a party in the mouth. Chilly Garlic Prawns in the fiery sauce and jumbo prawns was very inviting and the Peanut Masala was great side munch right till the end. You could also try Wallstreet special Kasundi Fish Tikka which was beautifully chargrilled with hints of mustard.

Drinks at Wall Street are a beauty. Both Cocktails and Mocktails are quite alluring. Lemongrass Cooler with its subtleness of brown sugar and coconut water was refreshing. Cosmopolitan gave out major beach vibes the minute it came all peachy. Not overly sweet or too tart, this is a must try. While at it, do try Passion Fruit Cooler as well, the perfect summer cooler.

Pizzas here are a must try, perfect for sharing. We ordered Chicken Tikka Makhani Pizza and it wowed us with amount of chicken toppings it had. Crispy thin crust and loads of cheese, this tasted superyum. The other dishes from the main course to stand out were Grilled Prawns with curry mayo, grilled vegetable and mashed potato and Peri Peri Chicken Breast with grilled vegetables. While the former had generous amounts of juicy prawns and a little higher note of the curry in mayo the latter was a sizzling breast which was quite toothsome.

We had Walnut Brownie in desserts and it was a mighty piece. High on its fudge quotient adorned with plentiful of liquid chocolate, this was truly an indulgence.

The service here is very good with servers checking up on us without being too probing. We had two servers taking care of us at various intervals and there were no hiccups in the orders. Needless to say, we spent much more time than we anticipated. Rooftop places with soothing vibe do that to you.❤

Happy Eating!!
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